Industrial removals

Industrial removals

Samoco has more than 40 years of experience in the industry and thus unrivalled expertise in moving heavy machinery.

Our highly trained staff are experts in installing and moving heavy machinery from one location to another, safely, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption to production.

We can deliver projects of any size, from the installation of a single machine on an existing site to the relocation of entire factories from one country or continent to another.

Samoco offers turnkey solutions for industrial removals. We have the knowledge needed to assess the job and the best industrial lifting equipment to do the job. It is a highly specialised task as the equipment used is often highly sensitive and every move must be done without mistakes or damage. This turnkey solution is at the heart of every part of Samoco’s specialised process, from hoisting the machines onto the transport equipment to keeping them safe in transit.

We ensure that all our lifting gantries, electric pick & carry cranes, installation equipment and transport vehicles are always equipped with the latest technologies available. Whether you need us to move your production line completely or just assemble part of a machine, move equipment to another city or continent, we have the equipment you need.

Peter Buyls

Sales / Key Account Manager

Chemicals / Petrochemicals / Heavy industry

Bart Kinat

Business Unit Manager Limburg

Carl van Oudheusden

Sales / Key Account Manager