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Samoco Services

Industrial assembly specialises in industrial assembly, where they professionally and expertly install and commission machines and installations on site.

Industrial relocation provides professional industrial removals, including dismantling, transport and assembly of machinery and equipment.

Industrial relocation offers port crane services, including rental and operation of cranes for loading, unloading and transporting goods in the port.



Samoco has been a full-service technical company with multidisciplinary expertise since 1973.

We offer a wide range of services to companies needing technical assistance in the assembly, dismantling and maintenance of plant and industrial equipment.

Our far-reaching customer focus, combined with skilled, versatile and safety-conscious staff, is what earns us the trust of our customers. Customers trust us because they know we will keep going until the job is done, no matter where or when. We never let them down.

Samoco is part of the Sarens Group, which means we can rely on the equipment, knowledge and financial strength of one of the leading heavy lifting companies worldwide.

From our headquarters at the port of Antwerp, we can offer our services worldwide. Our division in Slovakia, which specialises in automotive mechanical services, is active in Eastern Europe, Germany and the United States.

Equipment Rental

Electrical Pick & Carry Cranes

Hydraulic Gantries

Lifting and handling equipment